Who better to tell you what fostering is like than the people actively doing it? Read on to hear what some of our fosters have to say about why they foster.

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Fostering kittens has meant so much to me now that I'm working from home and living alone. Caring for a soft little one and lovingly preparing them for a good forever home is a real gift. And my dog has had lots of fun (and demonstrated lots of patience) with the little ones.

The whole KHS team is incredible and offers such great support to all the fosters. If you've got some extra love to give, join the foster family! - Elizabeth

We are fostering a little doggo in the Safe Haven program. I know first-hand what it’s like to have a dog and not be able to take her where life is taking you. As fosters, my husband and I give this terrier’s owners the chance to get back on their feet and hopefully welcome their dog home very soon. In the meantime, we’re blessed with a temporary yet amazing companion, and we’re blessed to take care of her during a time of need. - Angela

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"I could never do it!" It's a sentiment us fosters hear time and time again. While fostering can be challenging, it is one of the most rewarding experiences. It is so much fun to be the one to "break animals out of the shelter" and learn each of their personalities while giving them a safe, relaxing place to decompress and be loved. Saying goodbye is never easy, but I always say, "For every animal we re-home, we make space in our house and hearts to save one more." The best part about fostering through KHS, other than providing love and care to so many animals, is our foster community; we are one big family! - Lauren

I am so glad I decided to give fostering a try way back in 2011. I have been able to help so many different animals recover, grow and experience love over the last decade working with The KY Humane Society. They have made this program work seamlessly for their foster parents and it’s great working with a group of people who are organized, informative and friendly.

The thing I love about fostering the most is the love and laughter I receive from these sweet animals. Whether it’s a litter of puppies running around playing, tiny kittens snuggling in my lap, or my first foster fail who was such an amazing senior cat. I know I am helping save these animals (and KHS) by caring for them and keeping them in my home, but the animals give back so much to me in return. They help make a sad day brighter and the feeling of seeing them thrive, grow and find love with an adopter is such a rewarding experience for me.

Without volunteers offering their homes and their hearts to these broken or discarded creatures, the mission of animal rescue and rehabilitation would not be able to continue and succeed in saving so many lives. Both animal and human. ❤️ - Kiera

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Considering being a foster? Let me give you a few great reasons to say yes.

  • Puppy breath

  • Cuddles

  • Whisker kisses

  • Big thank you eyes

  • Little meows

That's a few great reasons. You will make a difference!! - Tammy

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I foster because I know without this program so many animals will be left behind and face who knows what. By fostering I can ensure more animals are shown the love and affection they need to become life long pets for fellow animal lovers. - Robert

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Fostering is such a rewarding experience not only for the animal in need but also myself. Whether it’s a puppy, medically fragile dog, shy or fearful, neglected or abused, or senior dog, each and every animal is special in their own way.

  • I love the unconditional love homeless animals give us.

  • I love the transformations our fosters make from intake day to adoption day.

  • I love working with a shy dog, or neglected dog who has been let down by humans and watching them learn to trust again.

  • I love nursing sick animals back to health, then watching them play and wag their tail again.

There is an animal to foster for everyone. Cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, short and long term fosters THEY ALL NEED US.

People always ask me how we foster because we have to let them go. I always tell them, We have to let our hearts break a little in order for theirs to live and this is so true. These animals need fosters so they can have the fighting chance they so deserve, so their hearts can live and go on to love and be loved.

You should totally try fostering, it’s an amazing experience and very much needed. - Dawn

After my cat died at almost 21, I couldn't imagine adopting another cat for a long time but fostering helped fill the cat-shaped hole in my heart. We have finally adopted but we still love to foster. It's the best way to help homeless cats find their forever homes. - Tiffany

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I foster because it means I can help raise someone's future best friends! My own pets bring me so much joy, happiness, and comfort that I know the fosters will bring to someone. It's a win win for all! - Theresa R

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We have allergies and can't keep animals more than a couple of weeks. We foster to experience pet ownership in short bursts and help provide temporary safe spaces for needy animals. We have helped a couple of cats that were nervous in the shelter and not doing well, and a dog whose back leg was recently amputated. - Theresa L

Looking into the eyes of the animals I foster is pure joy. They are so dependent on you to live, then seeing them grow and finally find a loving home is priceless. You learn so much about animal care with each foster. - Dawn

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Fostering is a great way to give back to the community with minimal expense and give wonderful future pets a stress-free and loving environment to prepare for their forever home. - Allison

The reason our family fosters has changed over the years. It started with our daughter’s request, since we weren’t ready to adopt just yet because we were grieving a loss of our family pet, Lola. After we adopted a year or so later the reason shifted to loving having all the animals in our home to cuddle and play with. Now, after several years, it’s morphed into giving the fostered animals a better chance at adoption.

When we foster we see a side of the dog/cat that the shelter staff most likely doesn’t get to see. Do they like to cuddle up close, want some space our prefer alone time? Do they walk well on a leash? Do they like other animals? How about kids, how did they respond to a toddler? Each foster family offers a chance to get to know them in an intimate way and all that information helps the KHS find the best family.

I’ve always seen KHS put the animals first and all the information we feed them is put to good use finding the most perfect forever home that’s available.

We love being a part of the KHS Foster Family. They offer support at every turn and it’s our families way to give back to the community. Knowing the animals we help have a better chance at adoption makes it all worth it.

❤️🐾❤️ - Tammy

I foster because every dog deserves a chance. I foster all types of dogs and puppies, but my favorite type of fosters are scared/timid, seniors, injured and pregnant/momma with puppies! I love these types of dogs in need because they need a special kind of love! It is extremely rewarding to help a timid dog come out of their shell, a momma birth her puppies and have a safe indoor environment to raise them, nurse an injured dog back to health and last but certainly not least, comfort the seniors who have often lost their families of several years! Fostering is awesome and I wish everyone would give it a shot! Start out with a puppy/kitten or a senior dog/cat, I promise you won’t regret it! - Lacy

I started fostering in NYC when I found out that foster kittens had three days to find foster before animal control euthanized them for space. There was literally a death list that went out every night with the next days unlucky kittens listed. How do you not foster under those circumstances? But there was nothing like KHS in Brooklyn. Rescue organizations would pull kittens for you and get them fixed when the time came, but that was it. Fosters fed them, paid for vet visits, adopted them out, everything else. I am so grateful for the resources I have here. KHS makes it so easy to foster! I had a foster fail in my first litter, an orange tabby called Mister Mann, and after ten years of fostering with me he died last summer. I was so heartbroken I wasn’t sure I could go on, but now when I see an orange kitten looking for foster I try to do it for him. I remember seeing his little face on that list and it’s hard to say no. - Hillery

I mostly foster kittens, and I love it. What better way to get to experience all of their wonderful personalities and get all the snuggles without a lifelong commitment? Getting them socialized and accustomed to other animals, household sounds, grooming, and giving them a healthy start is very rewarding.

I have friends who say that they could never foster because of how hard it is to return them when they go up for adoption, and that is the hardest part. But I gladly take all the little heartbreaks in order to ensure that sick, and orphan animals in our area get a chance at life. I have family that live in areas where euthanasia is common practice. The shelters don't have the money, personnel or time to care for all the animals they have come through their doors. I'm proud to work with KHS and ensure that if a small shelter reaches out for help because they have too many animals and not enough funds, some of those animals can come here, instead of being put down.

I'm a huge supporter of spay and neuter programs and all the work that KHS does to help animal hoarding and neglect situations. The more fosters they have the bigger difference that can be made for the animals in our area. Join us, we will share laughs with you during the fun times and tissues for the sad goodbyes, My youngest cat was a foster kitten with a cold and we decided she had to be part of our family so we adopted her in Dec, she turns a year old next week. You can't keep them all, but sometimes you find a little soul who belongs with you. - Paula

I became a foster mom to help as many animals as I can. To be a loving link between being in a temporary home, out of the shelter environment and receiving lots of love while waiting for their fur ever family. - Kim