Katie, nervous, but did very well with our staff. Should be an only dog for now as she showed some discomfort with other dogs. 65 pounds, short and chunky.

Gunther, very sweet guy. Friendly, about 10 months old, 35-40 pounds

Horace, a talker, very sweet. 4 years old, 40-50 pounds.

Winston, a little nervous but very sweet. 2 years old, 65 pounds

Leah, maybe 10 months old, possibly pregnant.

Liam, Seems dog friendly so far. Young, maybe 10 months old. Heartworm positive (not contagious to animals for people, no special care needed) 

Max, 65 pounds, 1 year old. Very sweet, with lots of energy.

Stanley, Goofy hound. 1 year- about 50 pounds- sweet and acts like a hound.

Wamp, 2 years old, 40-50 pounds. Friendly, seems chill.

Windall, 10 months- about 30 pounds- a fun guy, definitely a little spitfire.

DJ, Really sweet, staff said he playfully nips at clothing but did not witness this. Older man at about 7 years old/ seems to have a more docile demeanor. Don’t have a weight but he is medium size-probably 30ish pounds.